About me

I am currently a Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey, México; where I collaborate as a member of the Research Group on Sensors and Devices.


Ph.D. in Electronics - Tecnológico de Monterrey, México (2010).
M.Sc. in Electronics - Tecnológico de Monterrey, México (2006).
B.Sc. in Physics - Tecnológico de Monterrey, México (2003).

Academic positions:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in BioMEMS - Tecnológico de Monterrey, México (2010-2011).
Visiting Research Scholar - Carnegie Mellon University, USA (2008-2009).
Visiting Research Scholar - Warsaw University of Technology, Poland (2005).
Visiting Research Student - EPF, Ecole d'Ingénieurs généraliste, France (2002).
Visiting Research Student - Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile (2000-2001).


Intellectual Property - IMPI / ITESM, México (2012).

Teaching Practice Certification - ITESM, México (2011).

Problem-Based Learning in Engineering and Science Education (PBLI) - ITESM, México (2011).

Competency-Based Certification Program for the Development of Teaching Abilities (PDHD) - ITESM, México (2010).