Dr. René Cabral Torres 

(PhD Economics, York; MSc Economics, York; MA Finance, EGADE; BSc Economics, Tec de Monterrey)


Associate Professor

EGADE Business School

Tecnológico de Monterrey





Teaching (cursos impartidos)


   International Finance (master), Principles of Economics (master) and Econometric Methods for Research (doctoral).



Publications in academic journals (publicaciones arbitradas)


[23]. "Incumbency and Distributive Politics: Intergovernmental Transfers in Mexico"(2017), with Andrew Abbott and Philip Jones, Southern Economic Journal (forthcoming).


[22]. “Who Pays the payroll-tax in Mexico? An Incidence Analysis across Mexican States (in Spanish)” (2017), with Edgardo Ayala and Joana Chapa, Finanzas Públicas (forthcoming).

○●○ Paper winner of the second place in the Premio Nacional de las Finanzas Públicas awarded by Cámara de Diputados (México’s Lower Chamber).  


[21]. “Mexican Real Wages, the U.S. Economy, and the Financial Crisis of 2008-2009” (2017), with André V. Mollick, Economic Modelling 64: 141-152.


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○●○ Previews version: Does Globalization Affect Top Income Inequality?”, ECINEQ Working Paper No. 2015 – 372.



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○●○ Previews version: “Capital and Labor Openness Effects on the Size of Subnational Governments”, Center for International Development Working Paper No. 231.


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○●○ Versión previa: “Productivity Effects on Mexican Manufacturing Employment before and after NAFTA”, CID Working Paper No. 152.


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Book chapters (capítulos en libros)   


            [2]. “Determinantes de la demanda de marihuana y su elasticidad precio.” (2014) con Herrán, Elizabeth y Ortega Díaz, Araceli, pp.165-197, in: González – Arechiga, B. (Editor), El mal menor en la Gestión de las Drogas: De la prohibición a la regulación, McGraw Hill, México.


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Work in progress (trabajo de investigación en proceso)


[vi]. “Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Volatility in the Context of Emerging Market Economies” with André Mollick and Francisco G. Carneiro.


[v]. “Public Debt Sustainability across Mexican States: 1993-2012”


[iii]. “The Role of FDI on Mexican Manufacturing Exports: 2007-2015”, with Jorge Alvarado.


[ii]. “Incentives to Spend when Jurisdictions Receive Intergovernmental Transfers: The ‘Flypaper Effect’ in Mexico” with Andrew Abbott and Philip Jones.


[i]. “Margins of Adjustment and Productivity in Mexican Maquiladoras” with André V. Mollick.