Dr. René Cabral Torres 

(BSc Economics, ITESM; MA Finance, EGADE;

MSc Economics, York; PhD Economics, York)


Associate Professor

EGADE Business School

Tecnológico de Monterrey





Teaching (cursos impartidos)


   Graduate courses: International Finance (master), Econometric Methods for Research (doctoral).

   Undergraduate courses: Dynamic Macroeconomics (Macroeconomía Dinámica)


Publications in academic journals (publicaciones en revistas arbitradas)


[18]. “Does Globalization Affect Top Income Inequality?” (2016), with Rocío García-Díaz & André V. Mollick, Journal of Policy Modelling (forthcoming).


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[15]. “Openness and Mexico's Subnational Governments Size: Evidence from a Panel of Mexican States” (2016), Contaduría y Administración (forthcoming). 


○●○ Previews version: “Capital and Labor Openness Effects on the Size of Subnational Governments”, Center for International Development Working Paper No. 231.


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○●○ Versión previa: “Productivity Effects on Mexican Manufacturing Employment before and after NAFTA”, CID Working Paper No. 152.


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Book chapters (capítulos en libros)   


            [2]. “Determinantes de la demanda de marihuana y su elasticidad precio.” (2014) con Herrán, Elizabeth y Ortega Díaz, Araceli, pp.165-197, in: González – Arechiga, B. (Editor), El mal menor en la Gestión de las Drogas: De la prohibición a la regulación, McGraw Hill, México.


[1]. “The EU-Mexico Agreement: What Has Happened to Trade and Capital Flows since 2000?” (2012) with Daniel Villarreal Cabello, in: Niedrist, Gerhard (Editor), EU-Mexican, Legal, Commercial, and Business Relations, Macmillan (forthcoming).


Work in progress (trabajo de investigación en proceso)


 [vi]. “Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Volatility in the Context of Emerging Market Economies” with André Mollick and Francisco G. Carneiro.


[v]. “Public Debt Sustainability across Mexican States: 1993-2012”


[iv]. “Residential Water Demand and Price Perception under Increasing Blocks Rate”, with Luciano Ayala and Victor Delgado.


[iii]. “The U.S. Economy and Mexican Real Wages”, with André V. Mollick


[ii]. “Intergovernmental Transfers in Mexico: Political Parties and Political Ambition” with Andrew Abbott and Philip Jones.


[i]. “Margins of Adjustment and Productivity in Mexican Maquiladoras” with André V. Mollick.