Reserch Projects

I have been working in several projects related to Digital Libraries, Heterogeneous Database Systems, Information Integration, Mobile Computing, Web Mining, Systems Interoperability, and Query Processing These disciplines sometimes overlap each other in a particular project. For example consider PDLib where digital libraries, personal computing , mobile computing and databases collide. Current projects and research groups that I´m leading include: PDLib, Phronesis, Greco, RABiD, and the Chair in Wireless Technology and Mobile Computing.

Current Projects

Associate Projects

  • Extension Chair on Enterprise Information Systems
  • Chair on Finances in the New Economy

Past Projects

  • Distributed Database Systems Based on Components and Open Architectures. Workd developed by three of my MSC students
  • Donají: Multidatabase. This work was part of my Ph. D. Dissertation at Arizona State University.
  • GEMA: Multiple Applications Generator. (1988-1992) Project Leader: Dr. Jose I. Icaza-Acereto
  • Agentes y Movilidad en Bibliotecas Digitales Multimediales. Joint Project in collaboration with Universidad de Las Americas.